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Watch your Crops Grow Healthy with Growing Net

Using Growing Net to Prevent Diseases, Pests and Weeds

trellis net installed on crops in garden
A good method for provide support and protection to your crops is using the growing net.

It does not take a professional, skilled or seasoned farmer to know the importance of keeping crops safe, healthy and protected from pests, weeds and diseases. There are several ways, systems and methods currently being used to help in achieving the ultimate growth and yield capacities of vegetable, fruit and flower crops. Trellising is one such method and it requires the use of growing net.

Farmers, crops and the environment all gain benefits from using an effective method like netting. There are several plus factors that would surely provide the plants with protection as you are assured of healthy crops and better yields.

Grow Healthy Crops with Growing Net

When correctly applied, netting can be an important feature in agriculture. Trellis netting helps plants – like tomatoes, cucumbers and peas – grow properly by providing then with a structure that can lead their way vertically.

support net used on cropfield for support
Install correctly can provide a good support to your crops and helps them to get the best growth.

If the crops are getting the right assistance – proper training for vertical growing – with the help of an effective farming method, like growing net, they are also getting the right kind of protection that they need. Trellising supports vegetation’s healthy growth by allowing normal air flow and increased sunlight exposure. The idea with netting is to eliminate the entry of vegetation hazards like pests, birds and weeds. That is why, it is safe to say that even with a netting system covering the crops, sunlight and air flow are not affected. By being protected from outside forces, crops have more time to focus on flowering and bearing fruit (instead of getting eaten by pests, attacked by weeds or damaged by diseases). Use of weed fabric also protects the crops while still getting nourished by nature.

This method is also being popularly used to prevent ground rot. With the plants trained to grow up instead of spreading out, the fruits will grow and bloom away from the ground. This means that they are safely way up there even if the ground gets too wet from too much watering or after a heavy rainfall.

trellis net providing support in cropfield
Use growing nets it’s a great idea for avoid the pathogens’ prescences in your plants.

Planting in an open field means, you are subjecting your crops from maximum pest pressure. This is something that can be minimized by using pest control sprays. But such chemicals can be detrimental to the health of the crops. Going organic is the best way to produce the healthiest crops.

Limit in Space is Not an Issue with a Netting System

Not all farmers have the luxury of owning or having access to large lands. Some have to be content with their small gardens, while there are those who can only plant in boxes or containers. Limited space is no longer a big problem when it comes to planting and growing crops. The introduction of the netting system allows for efficient vegetables and fruits farming even in small spaces.

By using a growing net, you are conserving valuable plant growing space. You are providing your plants a way to climb, grow and strive. Trellis netting is definitely the best means of planting vertically as it allows you to effectively make the most of your little agricultural garden.

Better Yields, Better Profits with High Wiring

The high wire crop system is a very popular method for cucumber farming. This crop wiring system works effectively by improving the working conditions and reducing cost and time for crop support and management tasks.

In traditional farming, crops are supported through the use of nylon strings that are attached to wire crosspieces. These are then hooked to the main branches or the trunk. This method allows the crops to develop evenly, but it requires lots of time and resources, which of course leads to increased cost of production.

vertical system support with  trellis net in crops
The disadvantage of the traditional mehtods is that they consume many resources and higher production cost.

In high-wire planting system, a plant (like cucumber) is trained in one stem. This allows for even and uniform light and foliar distribution, which would eventually lead to higher quality and better yield. To high wire crop, you need to train your plant on a vertical wire or string attached with a clip system. The main stem or the shoot is the only part of the plant allowed for growth and all laterals are removed. Once the crop has reached the overhead support string or wire, you must remove the bottom leaves and then lower the plant.

The entire process is essential for ensuring even leaf distribution, as well as better penetration of light into your canopy. With uniform distribution of the leaves and better sunlight exposure, you can be assured of a fruit production that is more stable and of higher quality.

Using the high wiring system is more efficient when combined with other methods like use of weed fabric (to protect the crops from weed attack) and the raise-trough method. The latter facilitates better air circulation and recycling of nutrient solution in the lower canopy.

The More You Know, the Better You Can Grow Your Crops

Modern technology allows for new agricultural discoveries to be used for gaining better yields. More and more traditional farmers are learning how to use contemporary methods like trellising, high wiring, SCROGing and more. Use of growing net is one of the most popular methods because it is an easy enough system. It is also an affordable method and it does not expose the plants to dangers; rather, it protects them by making sure that pests, weeds and diseases are kept at bay.

trellis net installed on cropfield for provide support
With the modern methods your crops can provide many benefits to your crops avoid that the use of pesticides.

Most modern agricultural methods are designed for the benefit of the plants. Gone are the days when people were using deadly pesticides to kill pests, which eventually harm the plants, the environment and humans.

The best way is to train plants to grow in a way that would keep them away from the hazards, diseases and rotting. Training the crops to grow up through the use of growing net or trellising allows them to maximize their growth capacity while you maximize the space that you have.

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